MTM Lombok

Experience the Ultimate in Speed and Reliability with Our Fiber Internet!

Fiber optic internet offers several advantages over traditional copper or cable internet, and our company has harnessed these benefits to provide our customers with the best internet experience possible. Some of the advantages of our fiber optic internet services include:

Lightning-fast speed

Fiber optic network delivers incredibly fast internet speeds, allowing our customers to enjoy seamless streaming, gaming, and browsing experiences without buffering or lag.

Unmatched reliability

Fiber optic network is highly resistant to interference and damage, ensuring that our customers enjoy uninterrupted connectivity and minimal service disruptions.

Future-proof technology

Fiber optic network is built to last, ensuring that our customers can continue to enjoy fast, reliable internet connectivity for years to come.

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Broadband Home Plan

Experience Lightning-Fast Internet at Home with our Broadband Plan – Enjoy Seamless Streaming, Gaming, and Browsing with No Limits!


50 Mbps

IDR 250.000 / Month
Prices Subject to 11% VAT


100 Mbps

IDR 400.000 /Month
Prices Subject to 11% VAT

Dedicated Internet Plan

Maximize Your Business Potential with Our Dedicated Plan – Uninterrupted Connectivity, Lightning-Fast Speeds, and Customizable Solutions!


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