Middle - Senior Web System Programmer

Job Description :

– Develop and maintain efficient, user-friendly web-based systems from conception to completion
– Conduct trials and improvements to ensure the quality of the developed products.
– Monitor the performance of the web system and make any necessary improvements.

– Communicate with stakeholders to understand project requirements and to explain the status of work.

Qualification :

– A minimum of two years experience as a web programmer is required.
– Understand web programming languages like PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, nodejs
– Experience with PHP frameworks like Laravel or CodeIgniter.
– Understand and be capable of using databases such as MySQL.
– Working knowledge of git or svn version control systems.
– Capable of developing on web information system development from conception to completion.
– Having Knowledge of API usage and integration with third-party services.
– Having knowledge of web design and UI/UX is would be a plus.
– Experience developing mobile applications is would be a plus.
– Can work well independently as well as a group and meet deadlines.
– Have a strong sense of initiative and the ability to work independently.
– Possess a portfolio that demonstrates your ability to create high-quality web-based systems.

Send your CV and Portofolio : career@mtmbali.com
Bali, Indonesia